Remote Work and It’s Effect on the Environment

How Remote Work Benefits You and the Environment

Remote work is both energy and cost efficient!

Many companies have chosen to integrate remote positions into their business model. COVID-19 has forced many companies to find new production methods without operating at a full in-house capacity. Many companies have found remote work to be beneficial and easier in the long run. With so many companies turning to remote work, the environment has benefitted tremendously.

The pollution of the air and water has been detrimental to the earth, and overall affects our quality of living. One of the largest contributors to the earth’s pollution is the working class. With working from home being implemented at an exponential rate, scientists have seen environmental pollution decrease.  

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse gases are created by the burning of fossil fuels such as oil. These emissions are the number one cause of climate change, as they make the earth significantly warmer. Working from home has had a positive impact on the rate of pollution. Working from home means less people on the road for a daily commute, which in turn means less gas emissions.

Lessened Physical Waste

When operating in-house, companies often end up doing more printing and physical paperwork. When working remotely, the majority of the work is done in online programs and soft copies of paperwork are sent electronically.

Working remotely also means there will be less morning coffee stops, less plastic utensils, and less packaged lunches being consumed. Many of those working from home will opt for using the things they already own, which are most of the time reusable.


Reduced Power Consumption

Companies use less energy when employing remote workers. Less energy usage means a lower overhead for the company and a healthier environment.  Even employing partially remote employees can contribute to a greener environment.

Here at Ocean One Stuart, we offer hybrid office spaces with the intention of providing a contemporary medium for business owners to maintain a professional standard while reaping the benefits of remote work. Ocean One Stuart’s hybrid office spaces include amenities such as access to professional conference rooms, a prestigious business address, a live receptionist, mail services, call forwarding and more!

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New Year’s Resolutions For Your New Business

New Year, New Beginnings, Achieve Your Business Goals for the Year

The perfect professional concept to take your business to the next level!

Every January, it is a common tradition to set goals for the upcoming year. Many people include professional aspirations on the list of things they would like to achieve. If you are embarking on a new business venture or an established business owner looking to expand your service area, the new year is a great time to set forth new goals. Here at Ocean One Stuart, we pride ourselves in helping business owners put their best foot forward. Here are a few tips to help achieve your business aspirations this year:


Do Your Business and Industry Research  

It is always easier to plan for something when you know what to expect. If you are establishing or expanding your business into a new area be sure to look up the laws and ordinances on both the state and county level.  Find out what the deadlines are for filing paperwork. Consider drafting a financial plan consisting of rough estimates of expenses and budgets. It will help streamline the process of transitioning to a new area seamlessly.

Set Realistic and Achievable Goals

Now is the time to set for business resolutions

Keep in mind that you may still have to operate your existing business or work a day job while establishing your new concept. This may mean that it will take you longer to complete complex and time-consuming parts of the establishment process. By setting realistic and flexible goals, you will be better prepared to succeed and achieve them. 

Be consistently professional

When establishing new concepts, consider investing in a business or mailing address other than your home. A professional phone number and a neutral place to conduct meetings are also highly suggested to set healthy boundaries between you and your clientele. Here at Ocean One Stuart, we provide a contemporary and affordable solution to provide you with an all-inclusive professional office concept without the overhead or hassle. Ocean One Stuart offers a prestigious business address, secretary services, conference rooms for collaboration, and mail services.  Let Ocean One Stuart enhance your concept today.

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3 Reasons to Do Business on the Treasure Coast

The Treasure Coast Is Booming!

If you are considering expanding your business, it is important to consider an area that will be ideal for clientele accomodation and growth. Ocean One is located in the heart of the Treasure Coast, a prime location for business expansion.  

Capitalize on a High Expansion Rate 

The Treasure Coast population is growing exponentially. In the last 10 years, the population of the Treasure Coast doubled. Majority of the influx is split between two demographics: retirees and young adults looking for employment. Both demographics can benefit from the businesses in the area that provide law, medicinal, and recreational services. Consider expanding your business with a branch office, or taking advantage employing Treasure Coast residents through remote work.   

One Central Location

The Treasure Coast is virtually the epicenter of south Florida. It is almost equidistant from Orlando, Tampa, Naples, and Miami. Expanding your business to the Treasure Coast provides the opportunity to easily service larger areas. By doing business here or employing remote workers to service this region, It affords businesses the chance to monopolize all of south Florida. It also creates great networking opportunities within the larger cities. If you are looking to bring on more clientele, recruit college graduates, or service areas that may be too far from your current location to provide services; Doing business on the Treasure Coast is the answer to all your problems.

Commercial Business Benefits, Small Business Atmosphere

Despite the ever growing population, the treasure coast has a very tight knit community. Doing business here will feel like home. This area has a fantastic balance between franchises and small businesses. Supporting local businesses around the area is something everyone on the Treasure Coast takes part in.  The local culture around the Treasure Coast values creating bonds between business owners and the people of the community. Your business will thrive here, it will have all the warmth and familiarity of a small business with the clientele, resources, and fortification of a commercial company.  

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Hybrid Workspaces and Covid-19

Has COVID-19 changed your office needs? Hybrid Workspaces May Be the Answer.

COVID-19 has made remote work the new normal, however many business owners still need a neutral space for occasional operation in a physical location. Ocean One offers the perfect solution of a hybrid workspace. 

Covid-19 has set a workplace renaissance in motion. Remote work has become a necessary option for companies across the globe during this pandemic. Hybrid workspaces are becoming more popular since employees are not in the office full time. Business owners everywhere are reaping the benefits of less overhead expenses to produce the same quality of work. While remote work is convenient and easy, there are still instances where a physical office is needed. Ocean One offers the perfect accommodation to a hybrid office environment.

Branch offices offer companies the neutral space to be able to hold client meetings and group collaborations while still offering employees the benefit and convenience of working from home. Ocean One offers a hybrid workspace that has a receptionist and meeting rooms that serve as the best of both worlds for both business owners and their employees.

The flexibility of a branch office allows business owners to employ remote workers from all around the state while still having a physical location to host clients. Hybrid office concepts are advantageous for business owners who are interested in servicing a larger area. Branch offices will attract clients from the surrounding areas. The clientele of your business will grow exponentially in areas that are expanding at a fast rate.

Ocean One has a prime location and prestigious business address in the heart of the Treasure Coast. Our community has doubled in size and population in the last five years, and many businesses are starting to expand into our area. If you are considering a second location but are not ready to commit to a full-time physical location, Ocean one has hybrid workspaces readily available.

Additionally, there is no need to worry about moving locations when your business is ready for a physical location, Ocean One offers physical office space as well. Here at Ocean One we have created a solution for business owners that eliminates the stress of managing a second location.

hybrid workspace

How Can a Satellite Office Help You Grow Your Business?

Secure a prestigious business address for less than $195/month. Satellite offices provide the stability of a physical location while still offering the benefits of freedom and mobility of remote and locational work.

Are you a business professional looking to expand your service region, potentially operate a second location, or legitimize your business address? A  branch location or satellite office might be the answer you are looking for. This type of workspace can be used for a wide variety of businesses.

A satellite office is a small office or branch office in a different location than your main office. This type of office space is perfect for those who provide services in a large radius. A long commute to a business might be inconvenient for potential clients and employees. Inaccessibility can deter potential prospects for your business. Furthermore, a branch location for your business will retain local clientele. It also offers the space for you to be able to better cater to demographic of that region.

With a satellite office there are a few things that you should consider:

  • How much upkeep will a satellite office need?
  • What is my budget for rent if I am not going to be in the office full time?
  • How often will I be in the office?

If these are the questions that deter you from considering a physical office, Ocean One has the solution for you. We have office space that can serve as an ideal option for those looking for a fully operating branch office in the heart of the Treasure Coast. Additionally, Ocean One offers virtual offices for professionals who do not need a physical office. Our virtual offices include a real street address, a secretary, and three conference rooms for those who need a hybrid space to be able to conduct business on the Treasure Coast; which is a centralized location for those looking to expand their business.

Keeping Budgets In Mind

The overhead of a conventional office may not be suitable every business. More specifically, for those who only temporarily need an office in a specific location. Many professionals do not spend a lot of time in the office, such as freelancers, realtors or lawyers. Business professionals in these industries still need a professional space to host meetings with clients and run day to day operations. While a home office is comfortable and useful, some clients may feel more comfortable meeting in a neutral setting.  These types of offices are perfect for this the business previously listed.

Satellite offices provide the stability of a physical location. Beneficially, they offer the freedom and mobility of remote and locational work. They are much more cost efficient than second establishments, keeping your bottom line in mind.

Call or come by Ocean One Stuart today to inquire more about a satellite office at our prestigious location for less than $195/month!