6 Ways to Grow Your Business with Virtual Offices

Use a Virtual Office to Grow Your Business

A virtual office breaks you out of the typical constrictions of commercial real estate.

Ways that virtual offices can grow your business:

1. Business Credibility

Business cards look more professional with a business address and company phone compared to a cell phone and home address. This can help improve build trust for potential clients. Lenders typically ask for an office address and will not accept home addresses or PO boxes.

2. Can Act as a Satellite Office

Having a business in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Jacksonville doesn’t mean that you can only reach an audience in that specific city. Our virtual offices provide a business address in Downtown Stuart, the heart of the treasure coast. This helps establish a presence in the area of your target market. It also will aid your marketing efforts in the area.

Ocean One Stuart Receptionist3. Receptionist/Assistant

A receptionist helps legitimize your business. They can answer your calls consistently during business hours and can take and relay messages for your business. This is also a very cost-effective solution. You have all the benefits of a full-time worker without the need to add a full-time paid employee to your payroll.

4. Minimized Costs

With the minimal costs associated with virtual offices, you can invest more back into your business. Securing a virtual office through OceanOne means you are securing our prestigious business address without the high cost of rental space. Besides commercial space, you will also be avoiding the cost of utilities, furniture, and technology.

Ocean One Stuart Conference Room5. Conference Room Access

Here at Ocean One, you will have access to our fully furnished conference room. Our conference room comes equipped with beverages, access to two smart TVs, and a business phone. When you need to meet with a client, having your meeting at our prestigious location will help elevate your business.

6. Increased Work Force

Renting a commercial space means you are limited on space and therefore limited on the size of your workforce. With a virtual office you are ridding yourself of this limitation, allowing your company to grow immensely. You also are not limited by hiring people within a specific area. You can expand your search and have more of a pool to choose one.