Remote Work and It’s Effect on the Environment

environmental benefit of remote work

How Remote Work Benefits You and the Environment

Remote work is both energy and cost efficient!

Many companies have chosen to integrate remote positions into their business model. COVID-19 has forced many companies to find new production methods without operating at a full in-house capacity. Many companies have found remote work to be beneficial and easier in the long run. With so many companies turning to remote work, the environment has benefitted tremendously.

The pollution of the air and water has been detrimental to the earth, and overall affects our quality of living. One of the largest contributors to the earth’s pollution is the working class. With working from home being implemented at an exponential rate, scientists have seen environmental pollution decrease.  

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse gases are created by the burning of fossil fuels such as oil. These emissions are the number one cause of climate change, as they make the earth significantly warmer. Working from home has had a positive impact on the rate of pollution. Working from home means less people on the road for a daily commute, which in turn means less gas emissions.

Lessened Physical Waste

When operating in-house, companies often end up doing more printing and physical paperwork. When working remotely, the majority of the work is done in online programs and soft copies of paperwork are sent electronically.

Working remotely also means there will be less morning coffee stops, less plastic utensils, and less packaged lunches being consumed. Many of those working from home will opt for using the things they already own, which are most of the time reusable.


Reduced Power Consumption

Companies use less energy when employing remote workers. Less energy usage means a lower overhead for the company and a healthier environment.  Even employing partially remote employees can contribute to a greener environment.

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