How Can a Satellite Office Help You Grow Your Business?

Secure a prestigious business address for less than $195/month. Satellite offices provide the stability of a physical location while still offering the benefits of freedom and mobility of remote and locational work.

Are you a business professional looking to expand your service region, potentially operate a second location, or legitimize your business address? A  branch location or satellite office might be the answer you are looking for. This type of workspace can be used for a wide variety of businesses.

A satellite office is a small office or branch office in a different location than your main office. This type of office space is perfect for those who provide services in a large radius. A long commute to a business might be inconvenient for potential clients and employees. Inaccessibility can deter potential prospects for your business. Furthermore, a branch location for your business will retain local clientele. It also offers the space for you to be able to better cater to demographic of that region.

With a satellite office there are a few things that you should consider:

  • How much upkeep will a satellite office need?
  • What is my budget for rent if I am not going to be in the office full time?
  • How often will I be in the office?

If these are the questions that deter you from considering a physical office, Ocean One has the solution for you. We have office space that can serve as an ideal option for those looking for a fully operating branch office in the heart of the Treasure Coast. Additionally, Ocean One offers virtual offices for professionals who do not need a physical office. Our virtual offices include a real street address, a secretary, and three conference rooms for those who need a hybrid space to be able to conduct business on the Treasure Coast; which is a centralized location for those looking to expand their business.

Keeping Budgets In Mind

The overhead of a conventional office may not be suitable every business. More specifically, for those who only temporarily need an office in a specific location. Many professionals do not spend a lot of time in the office, such as freelancers, realtors or lawyers. Business professionals in these industries still need a professional space to host meetings with clients and run day to day operations. While a home office is comfortable and useful, some clients may feel more comfortable meeting in a neutral setting.  These types of offices are perfect for this the business previously listed.

Satellite offices provide the stability of a physical location. Beneficially, they offer the freedom and mobility of remote and locational work. They are much more cost efficient than second establishments, keeping your bottom line in mind.

Call or come by Ocean One Stuart today to inquire more about a satellite office at our prestigious location for less than $195/month!