Hybrid Workspaces and Covid-19

Has COVID-19 changed your office needs? Hybrid Workspaces May Be the Answer.

COVID-19 has made remote work the new normal, however many business owners still need a neutral space for occasional operation in a physical location. Ocean One offers the perfect solution of a hybrid workspace. 

Covid-19 has set a workplace renaissance in motion. Remote work has become a necessary option for companies across the globe during this pandemic. Hybrid workspaces are becoming more popular since employees are not in the office full time. Business owners everywhere are reaping the benefits of less overhead expenses to produce the same quality of work. While remote work is convenient and easy, there are still instances where a physical office is needed. Ocean One offers the perfect accommodation to a hybrid office environment.

Branch offices offer companies the neutral space to be able to hold client meetings and group collaborations while still offering employees the benefit and convenience of working from home. Ocean One offers a hybrid workspace that has a receptionist and meeting rooms that serve as the best of both worlds for both business owners and their employees.

The flexibility of a branch office allows business owners to employ remote workers from all around the state while still having a physical location to host clients. Hybrid office concepts are advantageous for business owners who are interested in servicing a larger area. Branch offices will attract clients from the surrounding areas. The clientele of your business will grow exponentially in areas that are expanding at a fast rate.

Ocean One has a prime location and prestigious business address in the heart of the Treasure Coast. Our community has doubled in size and population in the last five years, and many businesses are starting to expand into our area. If you are considering a second location but are not ready to commit to a full-time physical location, Ocean one has hybrid workspaces readily available.

Additionally, there is no need to worry about moving locations when your business is ready for a physical location, Ocean One offers physical office space as well. Here at Ocean One we have created a solution for business owners that eliminates the stress of managing a second location.

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